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Hi ! I’m Jihun, seventeen this year. I love to interact and connect with people- it’s also why I decided to create this webpage. I think knowing about each other first is super important, so I’ll start off by introducing myself.

I come from a harmonious family of four- me, my parents and my older sister. I was born in Korea, and most of my early childhood days were spent there. The family then migrated to Malaysia, where I pursued my primary and secondary education. Now, I’m enrolled in Singapore Polytechnic, my dream school to pursue my tertiary education in Common ICT Programme.

My personal interests lie in many areas, but the main ones are programming, travel, gaming, swimming and reading. I love trying out new things, challenging myself to overcome any difficulties that tries to deter me from succeeding and NEVER GIVING UP.

Well, I’ll end my introduction here. If you wish to know more stuff I’m passionate about and / or connect with me, do feel free to visit the other corners of my personal platform. Thank you for reading, and stay awesome!